This is my life... welcome to it
2003-07-16 07:39:25 (UTC)


Well the past few weeks have been hectic... my girlfriend
broke up with me 2 weeks ago, but the next day we just
worked out what we could... Mainly its a long distance
thing (she moved) and yeah... We've been "offically"
together since Febuary or March, we met last summer but we
didnt start really doing anything till maybe November.
Pretty sure thats when I caught her interest and I've been
really happy since then. Well except the fact that she
lives 3 hours away =( But otherwise its all good. I spent

Spanish is getting better, but my Writing class is hella
boring. Summer's already 1/2 over... well almost, and I
dont want it to be damit!! But I'm a senior next year so
who cares?

Anyways I should hit the sack, more Spanish tomorrow...