champagne supernova
2003-07-16 07:25:53 (UTC)

flight 149

im home again...*sigh* got home sunday morning . i have to
say it was one of the oddest experiences. my flight left at
7:25 that morning and we had stayed up till 1 am that
night. we woke up, i got ready, said goodbye to winston,
drove to the airport , and sorta had a little fun messing
with the bad driver on the highway. good times good times.
but we got to the airport, parked, and went in the airport
i got my tickets, checked my baggage and we sat down and
waited until i had to go... and we didt cry, we werent sad.
strange knowing the next tim i was going to se him!
normally im crying on him, saying "god i hope i see you in
the next 6 moths" or something of that sort.... but not
this tim...."well sweetie ill see you in 18 days" " ok
goose" lol..... we still laughed at each other with what
energy we had left and made fun of each other as always he
waked me to the security gates and we sorta just stood
there hugging and still teasing each other.... we said our
love ya's , and see ya in a week or two, and we kissed and
hugg nd went our ways... he watched me from behind the rpes
and held up his cell phone to remind me to call him when i
landed ...i just crossed my eyes and stuck out my
tounge...and called when i landed. but so i gettingready
for him to come out to california, i cant wait were gonna
have even more time together i cant begin to tell you how
much im looking forward to it ..... o and that night at the
hotel party thng... let me say what happened there amanda
flaked out on me at the last minute by sying she got called
into work and wouldnt be able to come get me so at around
11'o clock i called up bobby at the hotel him an hs
friends were at and told him i was staying home. he asked
if i wanted him to come home...but couldnt break up kevins
birthday hoo-ray, i mean he's bobbys best friend and he's
good peoples. so i told bobby to go ahead and stay and i
would see him in the morning (althought i secretly wanted
hmt oc come home!) he said ok , and the next thiing i
know i fell asleep alone in his bed with winston (cat)
watching the freaking wedding planner sad. i was so
loney and missed hm horribly so i m asleep and the next
thing i know i feel someething on my leg, and i open my
eyesand see someone over me.....and they said my name.. i
sat up half way and saw it was bobby! i look at theclock
to see that it's 2:30 am ! he came home in the middle of
the night! i asked him what he was doing and he said he
couldnt take it anymore , he missed me too muhc and had to
come home, he came hom to be with me ! i was so hapy becsue
i missed him
and he felt the same we spent the next hour just laying
in each ohers arms kissing, huging and talkin . god, i
loved that night more then anything...cant wait for another
one...august third to come with haste!

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