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my submissive life
2003-07-16 04:53:11 (UTC)

Underwear Humiliation

Master laughs as he watches me strip. "Look at those big, ugly, granny-panties you're wearing. That's what old ladies wear. Look at the way they emphasize your big, fat ass."

"i'm sorry Sir. i can go change into a pair of sexy, silk panties for you. i forgot i had these on.""Don't bother slut. You think I care if you feel sexy? If you don't want to look sexy, that's fine. I just won't treat you as sexy. Since you felt fine dressing for me in fat, old-lady underwear, then I'll just have to treat you the way you look, fat and ugly."

"Yes Sir.""In fact, from now on every time we have a session together I want you to wear those exact panties, the very same pair. You are not allowed to wash them until I say so. And when you aren't wearing them, I want them to be hung up on full display in your apartment as a constant reminder that you neither look, nor feel, nor act, nor dress sexy."

"Yes Sir.""Of course, there's one thing missing. Go fetch me a permanent marker."i drop to my hands and knees and crawl to the office desk for the marker. i return the same way, carrying the marker in my mouth. Master standme on a table and write in large, bold letters on the front of my big, tan, granny-undies the word "SLUT." He says now they'll look perfect either on my body or displayed in my apartment."Thank you Master.""You're very welcome." With a grin.

Now, even when we go out for a romantic evening in the city, i must always be wearing my big, fat, (and eventually smelly,) SLUT panties. It's Master's way of assuring that i never feel sexy again. Occassionally when we're out, He has me lift my skirt and show people my granny-SLUT-panties. They usually laugh and comment on how unattractive they are, and how unattractive i am.That first night i wore them, and many nights since, Master did nothave me remove them at all. He would just pull them up and wedge them between my ass cheeks to spank me or pull them up in the front between my pussy lips to clamp and torment them. i got wet all over the crotch of the panties, which is why the now reek of my foul odor. i am still not allowed to wash them and must display them in my apartment when not wearing them.

Once i forgot this rule. i showed up to Master's with a pair of silk, black panties on. Master was furious and suspected that i wasn't obeying his rules at home either. He drove me to my apartment and got even more angry when he saw that my ugly, SLUT-panties were not on display, they were curled in a ball on the floor of my closet. i knew it was punishment time.First, Master had me kneel in the corner with my offending SLUT-undies over my head. Master took some pictures of me as such and frequently shows them to other people, friends and strangers alike, just to embarass me. While i was suffering corner time, Master went through my drawers and cut up every pair of panties i owned. He did the same with all of my sexy bras. From now on i would only be allowed to wear ugly, old-lady underwear.Finally, "Get up. We're going shopping.""Yes Sir."i put on my filthy, ugly, SLUT panties and an old frock of a dress as we headed to the store, K-Mart. Master picked out 7 new pairs of old-lady panties for me. He made me pull up my dress in the store so he could be sure to buy the same ugly style and color. We took them home and Master again had me fetch the permanent marker.One by one i modeled the new granny-undies, standing on the table in front of Master.

One by one he labeled them: PIG, COW, BITCH, CUNT, FAT, UGLY, & WHORE. Those and my SLUT undies were now the only ones i owned.Master tied a clothesline across my apartment and hung up each pair. There they would remain, minus whichever pair i wore that day. i was not allowed to wash them unless Master gave me permission, which would be rare.Master explained, "I"m going to make sure you never feel sexy again. You don't need to look or feel sexy for me to use and abuse you like the worthless, ugly, painslut you are."For starters, i would wear each pair for one straight week, only removing it to shower, piss, and shit. By the end of two months, each pair would be nice and rank. After that, Master would send me an email every morning telling me which pair to wear, or possibly which pair i'd wear all week or month."You can only wash them by hand and with my express permission. Of course, I may not give you permission and if I don't, you'll be punished for asking. Understand the new rules slut?""Yes Sir."

It would be three months before i was allowed to wash one pair of my filthy and humiliating panties. i could pick whichever pair i wanted, but couldn't tell Master, so it was only one chance in eight that i'd get to wear the clean ones. Before i could wash my lucky pair, i had to stuff it in my mouth and suck it for an hour, then wear it over my head for another hour - all in front of my webcam with who knows how many people watching my humiliation. Only then could i wash the pair, by hand, in the kitchen sink and hang it back up to dry. The other seven pairs smelled so bad my clothes did nothing to mask the odor and i felt disgusted everytime i put them on.On the flip side, punishment for asking and not receiving permission was severe. Master had me gag myself with the SLUT pair, shove the CUNT pair up my cunt, give myself a painful front and back wedgie with the WHORE pair, where the BITCH pair over my head, wrap one hand in FAT and the other in UGLY, and wrap COW and PIG around my feet.

i was then tied by my wrists and ankles, spread eagle in an archway to receive my punishment. Covered and stuffed with my raunchy undies, Master took the riding crop and gave me 100 lashes all over my body. After that he took my undies and tossed them in the bathtub. He made me piss all over them and then hang them up to dry."I hope you like the new scent that's been added to your wardrobe.""Yes Sir. Thank you Sir."

Now not a day goes by that i don't feel gross, filthy, disgusting, worthless and ugly. i thought of just throwing them all away or burning them. It's so tempting as i sit staring at them hanging across my apartment. But i won't. This is what i need and deserve, and Master knows it.Thank you Sir.