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2003-07-16 02:12:11 (UTC)

it all came out

Casey and i bitched at eachother. It was crazy. I asked
her why josh yelled at me for making up something that was
true. He told me her and him had broken up so i asked her
about it at school the next day. Apparently they fought
about it and she doesn't trust me. So i told her
everything that happened between josh and i, the truth,
the past month, the past 2 years, and she doesn't believe
a word of it. She trusts him too much and thinks i want
them to break up. she thinks i still like him and just
want to see her unhappy. I told her exactly how i felt
about her and she did the same to me.
I learned a lesson. No matter how much you want to help
someone be happy, if they are happy in lies let them live
them. She lives a lie with josh and doesn't believe her
friends. I told her the truth and apparently it hurts. I
knew she wouldn't understand or listen. But for some
reason i told her anyway.
I don't get myself sometimes

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