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2003-07-15 21:18:19 (UTC)

so. i cant find the email..

so. i cant find the email address for those people who
wanted my 9/11 story. ive looked everywhere. even in my
packed paper boxes. the computer has no record of course.
whaddya gonna do. i knew this would happen. something always
always does when i try and get stuff published. either that
or i get rejected and absolute total crap gets accepted
instead. whatever. come aug im gonna try a few things.
theres some stuff i have that im setting up my schedule for
work for next semester... none of this getting up at 6am
(which is just a joke. i simply don't sleep.) so then i will
make some kinda writing schedule... and i will be in my
pretty well lit and quiet apartment...

so i was reading the new tom robbins on the train... and as
i barely slept last night (again) this was night 3 of not a
good sleep and that means the waterworks....

lets talk about last night. i get in bed at 830 , so tired,
with my book... read... get horny... masturbate... and
hmmmmmm i dont sleep... read... still dont sleep... then i
scratch my legs... itchy itchy and look down and there are
all these BITES. RED BITES. i envision an ant army living in
my blanket, and go sleep on the futon. read. cant sleep.
watch friends. cant sleep. read more. masturbate more.
fanstasy, fanstasy.