Welcome to own demise
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2003-07-15 15:10:03 (UTC)

god works in mysterious ways right? well FUCK!

So..... i'm in a bunch of pain...yea! thats right. i'm
happy bout it. i'm not preggers! yay!!!!! and i know
exactly how im gonna celebrate and tae away some of the
pain at the same time. hehe... blah...

so mr man said to me yesterday if he doesnt get a job by
the end of the week....hes gonna go home... i told my mom
thinking maybe that means shed like get on the ball and
help... and this morning shes like well i have surgery on
friday so hes going home thursday if he doesnt get a job?
im like what? shes like i dunno we'll talk bout it later.
what the fuck i hate it when people try to talk to me when
im sleeping especially serious shit... grrrr..... i decided
that if he does go home.... i'm gonna go home. i want this
to work with us and it wont if we live so far aay from each

i gotta go into wqork and get my scheduale today....
blah... monkey man is still sleeping im debating whether or
not to wake him or just wait until he wakes up. i gotta go
do my hair and shit tho so yea.

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