random mumblings
2003-07-15 12:27:07 (UTC)

i reallly enjoyed myself last night...

so i had a *really* good time last night...elizabeth from
work got dumped by her 38-year old boyfriend (she's 20,
long story, another journal entry) so she was all bummed,
so me, her and suzy went to dinner. now i had never gone
out with "people from work" ;) but i really enjoyed
myself. we went to East Side's and i ordered the chicken
tetrazini, told way too many bad jokes and rumored about
our coworkers. it was fun. suzy's a blast. she said
that she was on sleeping pills and she called her
husband "craig" 4 times...oh man ;) then we went down to
the water and had a walk and it was really, really nice.
i haven't had a good time like that in a long time :)