Soon to be dead
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2003-07-15 11:32:13 (UTC)


I am in Hawaii now and the only thing I can think of is
going back home. It is so depressing here b/c everthing I
see reminds me of something back home. Like there was a
girl that I met and I started to like her but she just
moved today. It wouldn't have been so depressing about
her moving if she didn't remind me so much of Mer Mer.
When I am here I feel like I am not wanted at all. The
only person I think really wants me here is Chanae. I
mean I'm sure my mom and everyone else wants me to be here
but they don't show. I barely spent anytime her with mom
b/c she is always doing something else. The only thing I
have done is go to the beach and shoot pool at the
arcade. I just want to go back home where I actually feel
normal. Also there is no one here that I can talk to this
stuff about to b/c everyone I talk to lives at home and I
can call them b/c it is long distance. I am getting to
the point wnere I can't type anymore so I am going to get
off now.

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