would the world stop spinning
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2003-07-15 08:32:47 (UTC)

strange girl randomly messaged me

so, yeah..what the hell? i'm all lalala chatting on
tonight when the oddest thing happens to me. this girl
i.m.s me and says "you are so hot!" of course my mouth
drops and i'm like huh?
so i politely say hello and she starts going on and on
about my tattoos and my nice i'm like wtf?
this girl talks to me for like,at least 20 mins.. tells me
that she's doing things while looking at my pics and that
she's all hot and blah at this point i'm like oh
jesus. now keep in mind i've already gone through talking
about relationship and what not w/ her, this chic really
has the nerve to ask if i'm faithful cuz she likes me....
well hello, yes.. i think i just said i was in a great
relationship with someone and how happy i am,yada yada and
then she starts telling me this shit.... first off besides
being a little livid for it all, and her even asking the
question. i'm also now debateing if someone sent her to ask
me questions,tho i'm sure that is just my paranoia.

i think i've had this conversation with mike.. why do
people come and say they like me after i get into a people become more attractive when they
are unavalable? i'm not sure i've ever met and/or gone
after anyone who was taken,accept aften(which is a whole
nother story there),nor do i think i would.
do people then b/come less attractive if they leave someone
for you? i would imagine that would be a good thing,but..
if you liked them for their un-avalabilty.....hmm...
i think i should get a job as relationship columnist, sorta
like carrie on sex in the

wouldn't that be something.........

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