16 years old and lost in life?
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2003-07-15 04:48:59 (UTC)

don't fuck it up

I'm sick of people fucking things up. Just because i liked
a guy for almost a year, andi tell someone it's okay for
them to jump right in there and be in love with the same
guy i am....
so what happens he starts liking her, and totally forgets
about me, why i don't know...she won't even date him jsut
leaving him out there like fucking fish bait, believe
me...if i had this guy i'd be the happiest person in the
world, but everytime we start *seeing* each other, somebody
says something to him to make him change his mind or butts
in...people stay the hell outa my situations

so instead of having him in my dreams every night i can
have him in my arms every night too
peace out
~live each passing second to your fullest~