A new story to tell
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2001-10-09 04:31:41 (UTC)


It's not regret if you continue to do it over and over
again with out making a valient attempt to change. It's not
regret if you get the same results and like it. Should you
being crying? Or at least suffering? Possibly, but what you
did causes you no pain. Oh, it stings me so much to know
that I always run back to you. Every time I'm feleing down,
you're the one who picks me up again. You're the one who
completes me. You make me whole, until you get your chance
to tare me apart. You shred me. You bruise me. You scar
me.You hurt me. You complete me. I rely on you. You rely on
me to give you a dose of ego. I can always make you feel so
pleasant in my suffering. You bring me down, and pick me
up. I've made you my hero because you can save me from the
sharks, but you're the one who threw me in. I can always
recover, everytime. It's always the same. Never changes.
You never miss a beat, never miss an occasion to feed off
me. I let you feast while I starve. You're in control. I'm
just a pawn.