Crazy Girl

Diving Under
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2003-07-15 03:55:54 (UTC)


I havent written in a couple of days or weeks or whatever.
I am not quit sure because the time has been going by so
fast and there is so much going on in my life at the time
that I dont find time to write in this anymore. (hehe)

Cory is leaving in a week exactly! I am not ready for him
to leave but I guess it is not my choice. I know his mom
isnt ready either but he has to do what is in his dreams
and I am so proud of him for makeing his dreams a reality.
And that he is actually going through such a change. I
think it takes a lot from him because I dont think he is
ready to leave either. I know he will grow into something
more wonderful then anyone could imagine. He will be a man
the next time I see him. It seems so close to me now.
Before it seemed so far away. In a year I will be mvoing in
with him and his best friend who is also going into the
army with him. I hope they dont get into trouble together.

On a different note, Heather wrote me an email. I was
really shocked but very touched by her email. It almost
made me cry that she wrote me and was so caring with it. We
have been talking since and everything is great. I am
really glad that she and I are talking. She is a better
person to me. She is very mature now. She and her man are
still together and that is wonderful. I work with her man
and it is pretty cool. He has been very friendly to me.

I leave tomorrow for San Diego for some family time. Oh
what Joy that will be. And then I will only have two days
to be with my baby before he leaves us. I am so heartbroken
by all of this. I feel very confused but I can only imagine
how he must feel with everything. I just hope he know that
he always has a special place here with all of his loved
ones. And that no one could ever replace him because he is
the man of my dreams and I want to be with him forever (if
forever can last our love :) )

I love you cory