Montana bound
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2003-07-15 03:45:27 (UTC)

The wound reopens

Today was great. I slept in this morning, then played Halo
for a while. I later went to Andy's house and played some
SC for a few hours. Yeah, today was great. Was.

I saw a picture today. A picture of Shelly. Her family's
new dog was in it, as well.

So was Alyssa.

I can't do this anymore. If I can't be with her, I've got
to get away from her. This sitting on the fence is driving
me mad. People can preach all they want to about facing up
to one's problems, but some simply cannot be resolved.

My greatest hope is to be with her. Failing that, however,
I intend to put no less than 500 miles and several states
between us, if not a national border. Preach all you want,
the only effective cure I've found for heartache is
distance; both physical and mental.

"The worst feeling in the world is sitting right next to
the person you love and knowing you will never be with