No time for love Dr. Jones
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2003-07-15 03:30:27 (UTC)

What we do in our minds, they can never know

I had this strange dream a couple of weeks ago where I was
doing gigs around town, and there was this girl who turned
up to all the gigs. She was pretty, and she'd always dance
in the front row, so I guess she was like a groupy of
sorts. Anyway, eventually after a gig she came up to me and
started to talk and suggested that we get together and have
a cup of coffee or something. It's my dream, so I figure
that I'm a big cool rock star and I give her my email
address and tell her to drop me a line with whatever
details and we can hook up. The dream ended in a rather
forgettable fashion.

Two nights ago, Belinda and I were having a bit of a tiff
(she was pissed off with the fact that I was in bed with a
headache or something, I may tell the whole story later)
and I was in bed. Anyway the doorbell rings and Belinda
answers it. She yells to me to get out of bed coz someone
is here to see me. So I put some clothes on and go to
answer the door and it's the groupy girl! Double you tee
eff question mark. She says to me, "I came to see you, but
I didn't realise you had a girlfriend" then she says, "just
pretend that I have a wrong address or something" and she
sneakily hands me a piece of paper with her name & phone
number on it. As she leaves (with a smile and a wink) I go
back into the house and tell Belinda that it was just a
wrong address and I helped her get to where she needed to

As I walk back in the house, I realise it's just one of
those dreams that feels like you're awake. It freaked the
hell out of me.

But I still remember the groupy's name from the piece of
paper, Lauren. Is this some sort of sign??

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