would the world stop spinning
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2003-07-14 20:06:56 (UTC)

after the fact

i've found my closure.... i talked to aften a few times
over the last few days and i feel like i'm completely over
the situation. i'm not hurt as much as angry anymore...
i waisted my time, callased my hands on trying to build
something that came out really wide and not so tall.
i see more and more how lucky i am to have caela...over the
time she's been gone in general...well i'm smitten,we
should all know that by now,but i can't imagine thinking
about anyone else.she takes me just how i am,excentric or
no... she doesn't care.
i'm someone who drinks alot..i don't care why things are
happening or why i'm feeling something,just that they do/or
i am.i have trouble liveing in the moment.i enjoy scary
movies and mint choc chip ice cream,i buy and play with
toy's(*not the dirty kind). i have dysthimia..which she
knows nothing about...i'm odd,and yet she still wants to be
with me.

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