Alone I Will Always Be

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2003-07-14 17:04:12 (UTC)


ok so last night mike and paul deside to go to the gas
station... on bikes.... my cousin is not in the best
shape... but they go at like 11:30 get back around 3 well
paul does at least mike stayed and went to the river but
he said he would come back.... well me and paul stay up
all waiting for mike and talking... we start talking about
crazy shit like going to grave yards and deaths in our
family... well i said i know how everything happens for a
reason but why did my great grandma who was healthy her
whole life and then boom she got sick.. so i was like i
know that there was a perpose for that and all of a sudden
the light, this fan and the tv go off.... nothing else in
the whole house..... i mean me and him were talkin about
how at times we felt like they were watching us when we
were doing things we knew we shouldnt do.... and it scared
the shit outta us.... and now he is in the emergency
room.... b/c he felt like he was having a heart attack....
i think my great grandma or my aunt were warning us... i
dont know though... but im just freaked out about it....