Steva's Life
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2003-07-14 16:41:48 (UTC)

down and up times

Well, As the weeks go on, I'm still sitting here... I'm
working on getting my friend jenn to move to the city,
becuase it would be great for her to be here!! yey Jenn!

And Jen K Is now in the city for good and it makes me
happy! Becuase now i will have my 2 Jen's around me, I
mean i have my Reallllllllllllllllllllly good friend Jen H
In new hampshire but then i have my 2 Jen's here in the
city... and Jen H needs to come visit me if your reading

I've been going through alot of stuff lately, And i'm just
not sure i can handle any of it anymore.... and so that's
why i'm ending some things.... Not mentioning some of
them... becuase... well... yeah....

But on an Up note!

YEY!!! :-D! happy steva!! :-D

Then I'm off to germany to visit Lena and we're going
around Germany site seeing. I havent been since i was 6 or
so in 1989 when we went to berlin to see the wall come down
and we saw Pink Floyd Perform and that was cool... and that
was when we were in europe For a year and just going around
and stuff witch was funnnnnnnn! i don't remember much of
it, but it was still fun from the stuff i remember!

Jen K, Just asked me to find her a boy who looks like Raul
Esparza while i'm there and send him back for her.... he
doesent have to wear the body makeup and glitter and stuff,
just so long as he looks like raul ;-) lol yey

Well i have a guy in my life, not dating wise but we're
hanging out sometimes, His name is Dave, he's the manager
of kayden the band that i'm working with doing publisity
and stuff for... and he came up and hung out with me at
deborah's and we started to watch a movie and things
But i hope things continue to happen becuase it made me
happy :-D

And i'm remodleing my apt... witch is fun, i love interior
decorating :-D teehee :-D

I'm watching deborah's 4 dogs 2 cats and 3 floor townhousr
for about 10 days and that's going really well... bored off
my ass there... but that's ok ;-)

"No body told you that's where to steal and that's when the
wind starts to blow and your suddenly a stranger and life
is different then you planned and you have to stay till you
somehow find a way to be sure of what we'll be but we might
be free" -Songs for a new world

"And now i'm all alone again no where to turn no one to go
to with out a home with out a friend with out a face to say
hello to. And now the night is near and i can make belive
he's here... sometimes i walk alone at night while
everyone else is sleeping, and i think of him and think of
the company i'm keeping. the city goes to bed and i can
live in side my head. On my own Pretending he's beside me,
all alone i walk with him till morning, without him, i feel
his arms around me and when i lose my way i close my eyes
and he has found me." -On My own / Les Miserable

"And i know its only in my mind that i'm talking to my self
and not to him" -On my own / Les Miserable

As Jen was just saying, She wish's that she was back in
Ohio because she could go to her Room and salk is she
wanted to... and that's how i feel because i wish i were
home in new hampshire sometimes... because i want to be
back in my room or sitting in the lake and just thinking...
or spending time with Jane, Whom i miss like no other and
i'm very happy for her that she's getting her life back on
track witch i need to do... and i'm scared becuase i don't
know if i ever will?

"There's no time for us, There's no place for us, what is
this thing that bats a dreams that slips away from us, Who
wants to live forever, who wants to live forever, Whoooooo?
There's no chance for us, that's all decided for us, this
world has all the words we said set aside for us, who wants
to live forever? Who wants to live Forever! WHO!!!???"
- Who wants to live forever / Sarah brightman

"I'm sorry for everything i've Said and for everything i
forgot to say too when things get so complicated i stumble
at best modle through i wish that our lives could be simple
i don't want the world, only you, oh i wish i could tell
you this face but there's never time never the place so
this letter will have to do, I... Love.. you!" -Radame's
Letter / Aida (That song is being directed at, Jane, Amy,
Jenn S, Jen K, and Jen H. Lord Karissa, Lili. :-*

Well that's all i have to say for now i'll keep you posted.