Diary of Stuff (Volume I)
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2003-07-14 02:45:18 (UTC)

When the walls fell down...

My virus scanner found a virus in one of my files. I
deleted it, and replaced it with the same file out of the
original zip archive. I ran a full scan, and did not find
anything. My modem disappeared all day yesterday.
Coincidence?? I hope not, but I wonder where the virus
came from in the first place. I intend to watch my system
closely for the next few days, to hopefully catch the

Lol, my 16 day work streak will break tomorrow, yay...
They don't need us tomorrow... Yay...

Took a look at the heavens two nights ago, and was startled
to see a dazzling orange light shining down into me. It
was too bright to be a planet, but it was dead still in the
black waters of the night sky, and so I conjectured that it
must be too far off to notice that it was moving. But
still, it was dead unmoving. It was later revealed to be
Mars, and that it was twice as bright this month and this