A day in the life....
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2003-07-14 02:34:44 (UTC)


Man..i'm gettin' OLD. First i get engaged now i'm
21..what's the world coming to? I spent the weekend up in
Chicago with Brian. We mostly did apartment searching on
Saturday...and didn't turn up much of anything. well, not
anything just out of the price range and location. I hope
and pray he and Tim find something this week!
Anyways, we went back to his apt. for dinner with my
parents and then we played mini-golf at a place nearby,
then we drove around downtown a little bit. He took my
parents and i to one of his job sites. All i can say is
Wow! This building was so beautiful in structure and in all
the ornate detailing inside it...I want a staircase like
that! It was lovely, but after that we went to a taxi-
turnaround downtown and watched the fireworks from Navy
Pier. It was nice *smiles* This morning we went to church
and then ate out at Goose Island. Then it was time to pack
up and head home...i slept almost the entire way. Now i'm
back home..kinda bored..but i have much to do still.
Since i am "old" now i guess i should end this with some
profound statement on the meaning of life. Here i go...
"If you do nothing more with your life...LOVE someone. It
makes life worth living not only for you, but also for the
person you love."
God bless y'all!