2003-07-14 02:33:11 (UTC)

Girls Night Out...

We were suppose to go to Vibe Nite Club. Michelle, Karoline
and I that is. They're both broke so I was to pay for
Karoline which I didn't mind cause I wanted to go clubbing
and I wouldn't know who else I would have fun with. Besides
Michelle went as well and it's better to go with more
people. She doesn't have a job either so if we were to take
her car we would have had to pay her for gas. I just got
payed so I didn't mind wasting money here and there.

I lost my job due to relocation but a seed has been
planted. After college I could definately come back there
when they will want to move on to a polish community to
sell. Or if I would have enough cash to start such a
business of my own. Or if I were to come across a person
who would like to invest in a business, I could provoke
this one on them. We will keep in touch.
Till then, I've got an interview at this hotel on Higgins
and Cumberland, where they are willing to pay 40$ an hour
to people who would give massages. Get this NO EXPERIANCE
NECCESARY. Even if I don't get my license, it is a good way
to get plenty of experiance, and plenty of cash. I really
hope it works out. This way I could get everything I plan.
I'm really rooting to get hired.
But back to the clubbing story...

So I took the Suzuki. By the time Michelle got there it was
about 11:00. We drove for a long time talking all the way.
We got to the club at about 12 p.m. There were about 40
cars there. 30 of which were prabobly security personel. We
didn't wanna wate our money going in and not having a good
time cause it was empty, so we asked some people around
there, and they said that they don't recommend going there.
Two other chicks say that it's prabobly empty but there was
suppose to be a party that got busted of 150 to like 200
people coming over cause that party got busted. I wouldn't
believe that much though.

We called Danish. He said that there may be a chill in this
one place, or a hotel party. Eventually we wanted to go to
the hotel party, but I think that thing got busted too,
cause Danish called soon saying to stay in the Vibe area
that it will be closer to the place where the chill is. So
we stayed at a White Castle, that has the most disgusting
food. I had some fries, I heard the burgers were bad, and
Michelle had fries that ended up having hair on them. We
returned them, got more fries and burgers for free for some
reason. No one ate them though. We weren't hungry, we were
just buying stuff to have something to do, and be allowed
to sit there. Eventually Manuel and Danish showed up and we
went to a totally different chill somewhere near
cumberland. That was really boring, outside, involved
scouting people doing their dopey shit, and breaking scout
rules. We left to go to our own peeps.

Ended up at Rick's house where Randy, Rick, E, this guy
Darius and his girlfriend were at. We hung there. It was
cool. Some of them smoked and drank a little. I found
myself fine with it. I was having fun, we were cracking
jokes. I ended up massaging Darius, his back hurt. Then
Michelle. Karoline kinda got mad at Randy cause he wasn't
suppose to smoke any more. He told her he'll quit. He asked
her though, could he. Which she got mad at cause once he
told her he will stop, and that should be the end of that.

They were cool, but we ended up going to Karoline's house.
We were still not tired. Michelle and Karoline were
reminiscing their grade school days, over a few grade
school books. Karoline showed us her scrap book from
sophomore year. She was a messed up kid back then. Man. We
played Simpsons clue and Michelle guessed who it is. It
wasn't too long.

Michelle and I left when it was light. I was surprised. I
never left anyone's house, or ever came home when it was
light. Not even on New Years. I got home at 5:30 in the
morning. No one was up, though my parents did call at about
4 asking where I was. I explained the whole story missing
out the little detail that Rick is a guy. I told the truth
and they were fine with it. I prabobly fell asleep by 6:00
or so.

Woke up and had to go to a funeral. It's 9:30 now and I'm
gonna watch this really funny french movie dubbed into
polish again. This funny guy Defunnes or something is in
it. Really funny.

Tomorrow I've got that job interview at 11:30. Besides that
I'm gonna go shoping and just chill at the hip. Maybe call
some people and do something afterwards. Wish me luck with
the job though. Hopefully it won't be spoof. Today I might
still call Shio, but I prabobly won't, it's kinda late. But
it would be great if I could rent that book from her. I
have time to read it finally. Or maybe I could give her a
call tomorrow and pick it up later in the day or something,
so she doesn't have to travel. Well whatever, I'm gonna go.