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2003-07-14 00:06:27 (UTC)

The Long Wait

I finally got my computer! Oh Happy Day! I got it on
Thursday and I finally got my internet working today. I had
to wait so fucking long because before the company shipped
out the system they ran a test on it and the harddrive was
bad so I had to wait an extra week or so for the harddrive
to come in. Sucks but worth the wait. I have cable internet
too so I'm uber happy. Hmmm....what else...I'm seriously
drawing a blank right now, I need some sleeeeep. I have to
get used to putting all my thoughts down in this thing

Well, life is actually quiet good. Mon-Fri I'm a walking
zombie because I'm up at 5am, leave for work around 6:30am
(in order to beat traffic), start work at 8am, get off from
work at 5:30pm, get home around 6:40pm (I HATE
TRAFFIC!!!!!). This is my second month at ERS and last
month I finished at 164% of my ummm....yeah I'm
the shiznit. This month my goal is $10,000.00 and I already
have $8,000.00 of that....why? Again, because I'm the man.
Everybody at work is cool I pretty much get along with
everyone....I either talk to you or I don't...I'm not doing
the gossip thing or whatever that's apart of every job I've
ever been to. People just like to talk I guess. I've
already heard a few about people wondering whether or not
I'm a switch-hitter, lol. Honestly, if you're not my friend
and your not interested in me that hot and bothered sort of
way...why the hell do you care? Is it really that important
to lable someone? I wonder whether people are or not
because it doesn't make me feel so left out but some people
just like to be hateful. One girl there who is a trip,
Tasheena just flat out asked me one day, "You like boys
don't you?". And I just said yeah......actually I asked her
where did that come from because I was telling her what
kind of doughnut I wanted (she was buying everybody
doughnuts for breakfast) and she just threw that at me. But
I caught it like a pro. I don't really think about it so
much I guess. There are people who I can just tell are
dying to ask me but are hesitant because they don't know me
well enough to just ask something so personal. Well, that's

I'm reading "The Hours" right now and it's really
good.....kinda depressing good because it's about these
three different women in three different times that are
just miserable. This is my 3rd book in like 3mnths so I'm
really proud. I finished The Year of Ice which took a while
because it did get a bit uninteresting toward the middle
but finished off pretty good. It was a good book, nothing
special. But then I read probably the best book I've ever
read, Harry Potter and The Order of the Phoenix! Definitely
my favorite of the Harry Potter books so far and honestly
probably better than "A Child Called It" and
the "Silmarillion" (my other two favorite books). I don't
know maybe all three will be my favorite because they're
all completely different. I don't know why I'm talking
about books now. Honestly I just want to lay down and sleep
but I can't because Sex and the City comes on in an hour. I
read the new Harry Potter in less than 2 weeks and it's
about 870pages! What really blows is I'm going to have to
wait a long ass time until the 6th book comes out.

Okay I'm really struggling to find stuff to talk about
because my brain is shutting down but I'll try to be more
interesting next time around....emphasis on try. Okay I'm
outtie. Later.

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