Dave's Mental Meanderings
2003-07-13 23:19:34 (UTC)

Poem - "Speak to Me"

I helped a friend with a favor today,
A shady connection at best,
We slipped on through right under the wire
And there’s no point in telling the rest.
Suffice it to say that to sin for the sane
Is a struggle to simply survive,
We found a back door only moments before
The squad cars began to arrive.
I’ve made it around without making a sound
With the help of a few close friends,
And a few lucky breaks and unseen mistakes
That might never be heard of again.
But for every whisper that goes walking away,
Drowned out by the whistling wind,
An unfulfilled dream having never been seen
Will sulk as though having sinned.
I speak not at this time of a toe in the sand
Digging in the futile pursuit
Of a pirate’s treasure or a method to measure
A man by the cut of his suit.
I mean only to say that what gets thrown away
At first sign of a failure to fit
Will come back to haunt the one who just wants
To be undisturbed while he sits.
What thoughts would rekindle my desire to dwindle
To a slave of shame and disgrace,
Except those which rinse off the past and convince
That no such fall will take place.
So speak if you think we stand but a chance
In the void that knows not our names,
Speak to me softly like a sigh in the silence
Of empty and farcical fame.
Although I grin with the ghosts of the night
And ride with grim second-chancers,
You might have heard that I’m known to twist words,
And poets make excellent dancers.
Don’t be fooled by what fails to unfold
From a first glance over my way,
Speak to me now with a sultry smile,
You never know just what I might say.