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2003-07-13 13:09:03 (UTC)

Not quite

Okay I was wrong, I didn't kiss him. Don't get me wrong, I
was close to him and had a few opportunities. But there
were people around. We had a lot of fun at the concert.
Norah was wonderful; her voice is just spectacular in
person. Adam had a good time too, he said he liked the
music. Of course, not to the extent of buying her CD, but
I was really glad he came. We got seated and my parents
took a long time to show up. They actually came inside the
theater as the opening act was ending, so Adam and I had
some quality alone time holding hands and such. But today
I leave for a week at camp. It kind of stinks because I
won't get to see him, but I can call him. I don't know if
Adam and I are a couple, maybe. Similar situation to Dan.
We hang out a lot and act like we are, but no officiality.
Which is perfectly fine with me. No pressure, except to
kiss him of course. Anyway, I think at some point it will
happen and we will get together. I just hope it lasts, I
love being with him. He's funny and smart, and i very much
enjoy his company. Well, back to work for now!