Alone I Will Always Be

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2003-07-13 08:58:22 (UTC)

so close

Well today was great... my cousins and aunt and uncle were
gone most of the day and mike called and i asked him to
come over and he said he would if he could find a ride....
he couldnt until about 9 something.... and thats when paul
came home... shandi was here too.... infact everyon is
asleep except me... arron came to get mike.. he'll be back
on monday for sure! but we were flirting none stop.... im
telling him the next time we are like that that i like
him... i have to... i ripped the letter up in front of him
not tellin him it was to him... but omg i wanted to kiss
him sooo bad...... i wish we could lil
peck.... thats all i want...

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