The crazy world of me
2003-07-13 08:25:47 (UTC)


Yeah so a lot has happened since I last wrote in this
thing. I have realized that I hate the way that things our
in my life and I wish that things could just go back to the
way they use to be.
My friends Jeremy and Sarah moved in with me and I let
them have my room and I was sleeping on the couch. So I
ended up screwing up my back some how but o'well that
happens. I just don't think I would feel comfortable with
them sleeping on the floor or something. So I gave up
everything for them my whole schedule and a lot of other
stuff and they were getting high in my house while my mom
was home and she smelt it. I was so upset and hurt by it
and told them they could stay that night but after that
they had to leave. Which Jeremy and I are still cool and
so is Sarah and I but it is diffrent between us. But I
think that is because when Sarah gets pissed off it is her
way or no way and Jeremy actually heard me out and
everything and understood. That was just all a crazy
We are going on a family vacation on the 25th for nine
day which would be so much better if it was just my mom
sister, her boy friend and I but its not. I still think
that it will be fun though but I guess I will find out here
in a couple weeks.
My friend Aaron is leaving for the marines the day after
I get back and I am going to miss his birthday. I went an
bought him a new wallet though because he needed one and he
came over by surprise so I got to give it to him. I was
just going to send it. I am going to miss him sooooo
much. We haven't been talking as much as we usually do but
now I will know I won't have him there to talk to whenever
I need him like I knew I had before. I will learn to cope
but I will miss him so much. He is like a brother to me.
It was really weird though he came out one night and he
kissed me. I have no clue what that was about but I think
all these boys kissing me when its unexpected can stop.
So Ricky and I have been hanging out a lot this summer.
I am really happy about that but I know its just setting
myself up for another heartbreak when he leaves for college
in August. There are so many people leaving me this year
and it really sucks ass. I never told Ricky and probably
never will but I love him so much. I am not sure if it is
more as a friend thing or something more but I do love
him. I want to tell him all the time but I am so scared
that he don't feel the same. Anyway it is getting really
late and I have to go. Bye!!!!