you cant escape what makes you tragic
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2003-07-13 03:29:53 (UTC)

'when i go, i'll go like elsie' (cabaret)

oh god fucking hell shit fuck you evil people! ok, i feel
better now... you know, last night was the full moon, so
why is it TODAY that people are going all wonky? oh well.
right i feel fucking sick. i can barely breathe and it
feels like i've been punched in the stomach (hard). no, its
not a virus! its my MOTHER. shes drunk, again. arr she's so
fucking pathetic i cant stand her, i mean, if you want to
go out w/ friends and get drunk as fucking hell FINE. but
when you're sneaking around, finishing off a bottle of wine
because you feel sorry for yourself, then go about
bothering your kids, it is just disgusting. everytime i
even so much as hear her making the floor boards squeek i
want to fucking hurl. she put's all women to shame. i had
just the best inspiration and was starting the 8th chapter
of the story i'm writing, as well as finishing the plot
(which really kindof shoulda been done BEFORE now but it's
cool. i'm happy with it.)...anyways i was just full of
ideas, then mom came along and im in such an UGH mood i
can't bear to work on it, so i thought i'd try a little non-
fiction. . . hahaha. hmm to bad LIFE isn't that funny. oh,
and ahh! i found my absolute soul mate! too bad its NEVER
going to work (mainly b/c i dont really know him, but he
reviewd one of my poems on and so i read
his bio and some of his poems and OMG he is the absolute
most perfect artistic romantic just absoultely most
wonderful person ever im fuckin in love... and he's 15,
just like me.) this is the first time i've EVER been uber
attracted to someone that wasn't older then me, and god
fucking hell damnit... hes mr. online guy. there is NO
future there... ok i'm gonna go watch Dead Man cause that
soudns more fun then this. xoxoxoxo