Eyes of a fallen angel

Just another Disturbance
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2003-07-13 01:41:10 (UTC)

All Alone

im all alone
in this cold harsh world
with nothing to survive on
you kicked me out
said you never wanted to be a part of my life
might i say why i hate you
your the reason i fear the person i might become
why do you treat me the way you do
im cutting you off of my life
dont want anything to do with you either
why would i?
its an unanswered question
i dont know why i give you the time of day
why do i keep giving you the chance to make up
for all the mistakes you've made
i need to consider the fact that you will never change
I need to realize with you that things will always be the same
why do i keep thinking that you might give up your "drug"
for your own daughter

dedicated to my "DAD"