Euphoric Nothingness
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2003-07-12 19:04:19 (UTC)

An Ongoing Saga

It just won't end. This soap opera with Nicole is getting
insane. I swear I'm about to just say "OK Nicole, I think
we both want to at least try it, so let's just stop this
madness and go on a freaking real date!"

The latest episode came on Wednesday. She had invited me
over to her place so we could hang out or whatever. When
I got to her place, her brother and one of her roommates
were there eating and watching TV. Then Nicole tells me
we're going to see Legally Blonde 2 (it was as bad as it
sounds). So I guess Nicole took the pressure off of me
and planned our night.

Well we went to the Oviedo Mall to see the movie. We got
there early so we decided to grab something to eat.
During our Mexican dinner, we were talking and somehow we
got to talking about things we have in common. It was
quite entertaining and she came up with some funny
things. Then the one I remember the most is that we
inspire each other. I didn't really think about it much
at the time but later on in the night (on my way home and
when I got home) I realized that she was right.

We do inspire each other in so many ways. In just a
couple of months, we have really become close. As a
result, our personalities have rubbed off on each other.
There's no doubt that we are very different, but we have
definitely taken a lot of little things from each other.
It's really interesting and I am not sure what to think of

Well after our movie experience, we went back to her
house. She went into her bedroom, used the bathroom and
changed clothes. Then I was informed by her that we were
going to take a walk. We ended up walking from her house,
through her subdivision, and to a gas station to get a
bottle of water. Then, of course we walked back. It was
a really funny time and I got to see a quirky side of
Nicole that was absolutely hilarious. She got extremely
hyper and started doing all of this really funny stuff.
It was certainly a good time.

There were a couple of times that I wanted to make a move
on Nicole. However, I don't wanna screw things up because
what we have is really good. I'm afraid that if she says
no, that we may not be anywhere near as good of friends.

I really do think we could make a relationship work. I
know it would be a lot of work and overcoming of
stereotypes and what not, but I think that we could have
something special. I just don't wanna look back later on
and "what if..." and be pondering what could have been.

I guess what I am saying is that one shot is all we would
need to tell if we truly have something. One real date.
I don't really care what we do or where we eat (as long as
it ain't too expensive or fancy). If things work, then
great. If they don't and we both know it would be a
disaster, then we can remain friends and that would be
cool. I just want to know if what we have is something
that could be serious. I either want an opening or I want
closure. Is it really that much to ask?

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