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2003-07-12 12:57:31 (UTC)


So tonight is Norah Jones. Adam is going to come with me,
yay! And today Michelle, Katie, and Mike are in Mound for
a softball tournament and I will get to see them today. We
are probably going sailing and Adam is coming with, I
think. Either him or Johnson. In any case, yesterday when
I was writing, I had been thinking about our phone
conversation. I had mentioned without even realizing he
wasn't paying attention that he should come and visit me at
work. and guess what, he did! Of course it had to be when
josh was here, but he was perfectly normal and flirty and
made josh look like an ass! I seriously didn't think he'd
really come considering he wasn't paying attention but at 9
pm there he was, walking through the door just as I was
thinking of him. Life is good. So we went to get ice
cream, then went to his house to watch Terminator 2. We
held hands and were close to kissing. He liked his face
really close to mine I guess. Not that I minded of
course. When I eventually had to leave, there was a moment
where we were really close to eachother and I wanted to
kiss him. But he tickled me instead. But oh well, the
next entry I swear it will have happened! Later!

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