2003-07-12 05:54:26 (UTC)

Last Day

Sold another bed. Last one. Tomorrow I'm coming in to
return the keys and advise the exchange of good and service
with employer and customer one last time. I really wish
they wouldn't have moved. I liked that job. I got
comission, by hardly doing anything, people liked me, I
hardly did anything, and it payed well. But it didn't have
insurance which isn't really all that bad cause I could
just get a simple full time job in the nearest store in the
mornings, then go there right after eat on the way and keep
that up until I go to Germany.

I'd have to have more of a weekend life, but it would work.
I'd take it easier after Germany. Pay more attention to
studying and such. I got well payed today. 9 days of work
got me $315 plus 100 for comission I guess. They're so
freaking kind that it kills me.

Went to Yesenia's afterwards to watch Blade 2 and eat
Chinese food. She's never had friends over that late, and
even DJ was happy to see me. I was so happy I've broken
through to her parents so fast. I'm so glad. I just gotta
keep it up. I think I'm loveable. Why can't some guys think
so though? Like Santino?