My Gay Misadventures
2003-07-12 04:00:01 (UTC)

Here we go again...

Well. I just got a reminder to update my diary, So here
goes. Well, Pony is pretty much out of my life. And I have
someone in his place. This guy, Andrew, Is a sweet guy, my
age, and my size (body frame), and could be the only cute
guy i'v dated. We are in the same stage as me and Pony,
only im afraid to pop the question due to my insicurities.
(I so spelled that wrong) Anyhoo, I dont wanna mention too
much, seeing how every diary in my life is Jinxed.
On a differnt note, I did somehow manage to sleep with
Jesse...and his bf...at the same time o_0. It was very
interesting...I hope to do it again sometime.
Ummmmmmmm. I talked to Paul the other day...Turns out he
was in a freak accident and was hospitalized. Long story
short, He fell off a truck. I still havent talked to Dinky
in awile..Dont plan to anytime soon either.
Also, I have 8 months to find money and a job. Mom is
moving to Dallas. and if i dont have my shit together by
then, Im screwed.