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2003-07-12 03:50:21 (UTC)

Random Thoughts

Well my week with her is over (almost) though tomorrow I do
have that auction and night trial ride that I'm doing (so
I'll be spending the entire day with her for sure). But
yeah, it worked out well, like half the time we were doing
different things in the evening anyway (like my lesson, her
lessons, my work etc) but yeah, it's all nice here.
Everyone at her place is calling it my room "I left the
windows open in (my) room today"-sorry for the cutoff-She
came in so I had to close this...moving on...I have lost my
train of thought...oh yeah, so anyway, she's like 'you have
a room now" and stuff...I dunno, it's just that if someone
had told me they were in love with them and I didn't feel
the same, I don't think I'd be asking them to live with me
in my house and do all that stuff with me (and sleep in the
same bed at Focus, and lay on me etc)...I dunno, so yeah
that's gotten me a bit confused. AM you need to update
your diary, it's gotten old and boring...nothing really
else is new in my life and I will go before I have to cut
this off in mid sentence again.