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2003-07-12 03:03:40 (UTC)

Who Am I?

It has been an interesting plot in my story. So cliche of
me, don't you think? My own story, only if I was a self
centered prick asshole; well, too bad. My name isn't Kye
Kanto and I have no reason to really hold such a name.
Maybe its because I've lived in my self absorbant
imagination. Maybe its because I hate the name I hold since
my origin. Regardless, I written this to express who I am.
I am a boy trying to figure out how to be a man. But what
is a man really. Just another title to give someone whos
reached his physical capacity. That has always been
bullshit to me. No point giving such general titles to un
reliable selfish suns of bitches. Funny how I don't even
plan on submitting this. It seems I don't have the choice
in the matter anymore. I think its time to write for
different purposes now. Well not actually different
purposes, but the same, just altered and tuiked here and
there. I still stand and live today to change something in
this world. Not to plague myself with non sense for
recognition or need to be remembered. Such are selfish
acts. I wouldn't boast that I'm not one of those selfish
fiends, though it seems to be the case, doesn't it? Hah.
I'm such a contradict. I have no idea how to act or feel
really. Cause I seem to follow no standard or stragetic
device. That I do know of myself. Everything else will come
with memories I guess. I don't believe experiance makes
someone entitled to wisdom, no. Just experiance. I'll learn
from other people and different memories and scenarios who
I really am. Cause I believe there is always core to a
humans soul. I plan on figuring out mine. Once I see that,
then maybe i can finally tackle on the world and live in
its miseries to hold its problems and to die for its

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