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2003-07-11 20:16:35 (UTC)


So here I am, about a month and a half after Dan and I
broke up. We're not friends, we haven't spoken since last
sunday. But i don't really want to anymore. One word,
Adam. We were friends and flirted a lot while Dan and I
first started dating. I did like him too. Then when
classes changed, we sort of lost contact. However, this
summer we've been hanging out a lot, almost every day this
past week, and I've gotten to know him. I didn't see
myself liking a high-maintenance, confident, somewhat
superficial guy. But he's popular, cute, friendly, and has
his own ideas and is quite intelligent. He just hides it
around his friends. I feel really comfortable around him.
We've held hands a few times, flirted and tickled a lot,
but yesterday and the night before I really wanted to kiss
him. He stayed over until 4 in the morning the night
before last! Long time, but I enjoyed every minute of
it...gotta work

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