Diary of Stuff (Volume I)
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2003-07-11 19:51:04 (UTC)

Standing small beside the ocean.

Lights go out, and I can't be saved...lah-di-da-di-daaa....

Half asleep, and the sugar and cream that i put in my
coffee, is all warmed up, and it makes me want to sleep
even more.

My O.S. is still up in the air, as I decide exactly how I
want to accomplish its fruition. Core kernel? monolithic?
exokernel? no-kernel? All i know right now, is that it
would be bad (bad as in bad-ass) to do it in assembler, as
I learn to move things in and out of the registers, and
make it tight as possible. I intend to write (or borrow) a
c-compiler though, as there are tons of free c-code out
there to which i could use to 'play' with this (my) new
thingie. Gonna chase my own vision, is what I guess this
is all about, I suppose. Windows Longhorn looks pretty
cool, though.

Within the past week, I have seen Pearl Harbor, Tuxedo, the
Ring, and SpyKids2.

Starting 2 days ago, I am scheduled to work 16 days in a
row. Lol. But, I hear, that once I get close to 40 hours,
that I would have to take the rest of that week off. Lol.
No overtime, 'nuff said. :)

Well, this has been boring, boring as yesterday's slag.

Or maybe i'm just sleepy. (Yeah, that's probably it.)

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