No time for love Dr. Jones
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2003-07-11 06:42:58 (UTC)


I'm happy yet I long for more, I'll let you know me but I
won't let you inside, I laugh but I hurt, I sleep but I'm
exhausted, I'm sad but you won't ever see me cry, I'm full
of love but I'm sick of giving it out, I'll believe you
when you tell me your name but don't ask me to trust you
any further.

I'm young but I feel older, my body is strong but
temptation makes me weak, I'm out of step but I know my
place, I'm housebroken but watch out coz I bite, I'm
trapped in denial but I'm free as a bird, my body is warm
but my heart is cold, I'm 6 foot tall but my growth has
been stunted, outwards I'm smiling but I'm frowning on the
inside, I'm surrounded by people that love me for the
first time in
years yet I've never felt more alone in my life, I know
I'm alive but
I feel that I'm dying with every passing minute, I have
nothing to
fear yet I'm terrified of what tomorrow may bring

My whole is not quite the sum of my parts
You can take me on, take your best shot, but be prepared

I'm angry so you'd better turn away.

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