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2003-07-11 02:50:34 (UTC)

Good luck smiles - neither every thing is good

Well I tried a job on Justice department of my country.
I made the test and went good. But the test was canceled.
New test was marked. On day I was going to make the new test
there were some workers on street. Traffic had a detour.
I could not get on time. Other peoples had not got too.
Well I made test very good first time but not get be there
to make the test on second version. People that did not go
to make test first time could go to second. But people like
me that went to first test and could not go to second test lost the opportunity. I sent a email to Justice department
complaiming about it. And I almost went there but it was
raining and I was tired of nights updating pages over Internet. Maybe it was good luck do not make the test.
Nowadays Justice department of my country is bombed and shoted by bandits trying to make partners jail break. But
the payment is the better to people that have high school degree. And it is a status to say that works on Justice department. Simple things to do Laws and typewriting on
Well but I still would become rich. There will come a
contest to teachers to get job on gov. I will sell the books
to study to test. But I will take care about protect my
propaganda against thieves. I make the propaganda they steal
the credits and revenue just saying all books are the same.
In my country it is common and there is not an authority
there to void it.
Good days for you all that writes and read diaries and try
to make world better with words.