lindsay ann

somewhere in between
2003-07-11 04:46:57 (UTC)

discreet discretion

so apparently the world knows everything...haha things i have not
announced...i mean, ok, i talked about it with the girls in new
mexico...but suddenly adam giacopuzzi, mrs. plantenberg, etc
know the details of my innermost deep and secretive dating life.
frankly, it's kind of scary especially considering things are kind of
just starting to happen and i don't want to ruin anything because i
really like him. yeah. i do. and having courtney topp ask me how
long we've been together really caught me off guard...random of
my life. and for the record, we are not "official" nor do i know when/
if we will be. people seem to think that he's called me and said "ok
i'm going to ask you to be my girlfriend on july 23rd, so just wait
until then..." or something. but no. haven't been so lucky. i don't
really know what's going on except i like him & i like hanging out
with him & so be it. we'll see what happens, eh?