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2003-07-11 00:46:25 (UTC)

daaaaamn this exit exam

well guys, here's some recent news:
the high school exit exam has been postponed--now class
of '06 will be the first class required to pass the exam
(sound familiar?).

allow me to paraphrase the statement made by the california
board of education on wednesday: "whoops! just kidding,
did we say class of '04? yeah, well, we thought it would
work, only it didn't, so...suprise class of '06!"

(do you think that the board of education would pass the
exit exam? i am doubtful...)

but you'd think they'd expect this...i mean really,
requiring HIGH SCHOOL students to actually pass a test
with "fractions" and "basic geometry"? how could anyone
expect so much? (that essay we wrote on humming birds was
killer man--it took me a whole 3 minutes!)

just 64% of '04 students passed the verbal portion of the
exam and only 44%--i repeat: 44% passed the math section

now i understand; these students were only in 9th grade.
however, "...even after successive attempts, about 20% of
the Class of 2004 would still fail to pass both parts of
the exam by next year."

which doesn't necessarily mean that they wouldn't pass it
by the time they are seniors--they would still be given two
more tries. call me crazy, but i just don't think a 12th
grade student unable to pass a 9th grade math test should
graduate. though the HSEE is a pain in the butt, the
motivation behind it (to bring high school standards up)is
a good one. in addition, it is useful for weeding out
students who shouldn't pass high school. so postponing the
test is better than getting rid of it all together, or
worse, watering it down to jr. high level. that would be
great wouldn't it? only jr. high material...of course
they'd still CALL it the high school exit exam...

my brain is now telling itself to shut up about the damn
exam. i wish you all frequent encounters with feather
pillows, freeways with no traffic, and rice-krispy flavored
milk, three of the best things in the world...

Helfand, Duke. "Exit Exam Is Postponed." Los Angeles Times
10 July 2003:B6.

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