Steva's Life
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2003-07-10 15:28:24 (UTC)

Happy Days are here to stay

Well.... To start this off I found out some great news
about my best friend... Well She got Engaged last
night "I'm laeving her namless because she will tell you
when the time is right... " And she chose to call me
first. That made my night, month, year! And i
screamed.... yes indeed in to a pillow.... I was just
in total shock.
Well the way it happened was My friend wasent Feeling good
and her boyfriend Decided to drive up and hour and 1/2 to
see her and Brng her Sweetish Fish and Dr. Pepper. Becuase
those are 2 of her Fav. things yey :-) and he got
there.. And they sat on the porch and talked for a little
while and he got down on his knee and Preposed. I"M

The great thing is i'm throwing the bridal shower and i'm
goign to be one the of brides maids!!!!!!!

I just found out some Great news from my Friend karissa.!
She just got a internship with Winnenger gallery And i'm
very Very excited for her!

Karissa: so apparently some guy at CWRU that likes me I
don't know who, we are trying to figure it out, this means
I could get some, hooray!!!
Me: yey guys :-D
Me: naked the better :-D
Karissa: i agree
Karissa: i mean seriously I'm topless
Karissa: they should be to.!

Sorry i just thought that quote should for ever be in my
Jurnal :-D I love you karissa!! :-D

Jane: there's a groundhog looking at me throught the
window.... this groundhog is wicked cute... He's a baby.

Don't ask why i put that in i just thought it was cute.

I had a few Picture's Framed including My mother painting
of me in the back yard tree at the estate in New Hampshire
and Then Jane Drew A picture for me that i love alot... and
its of Drama Masks and she drew it while talking to me on
the phone :-D yey :-D ifeel special :-)... but they're both
framed and i'm awaiting picture's from New hampshire.

As i relized over teh last couple of days... while listning
to Zanna don't! I relized that my life relates alot to it,
In the manner of I always have to see everyone happy before
i'm happy, and if someone's upset... sad... Sick... or
whatever... i'm unhappy... and will be till that person is
happy... and i don't put time aside to fall in love becuase
everyone has to be in love before i am... and i just don't
have time to look for a boyfriend jane had a guy interested
in me but he never showed... witch is fine... I've lasted 7
years why not continue it. But I really think my life is
alot like zanna don't! And that makes me happy :-D

Well i'm off... just awaiting more fun things to happen.
Love you all..

Congrats to the girls :-D