Stream of Consciousness
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2003-07-10 07:08:50 (UTC)


Not real sure what to write here, i just know that i want
to write. Jen inspired me to say "I wish i could squeeze
you into oblivian, where i would join you in the
nothingness, and we would be together for eternity." and
thats how i felt tonight. there were about half a dozen
times we just kissed and stared into each others eyes. this
was one of the most enjoyable nights of my life. there is
no pressure for physical gratification. only the mangled
compression of two peoples flesh on top of sheets in the
darkness with cool air from my fan on our bodies. i see a
real future for the two of us...but then i dont have
crystal ball./ lets just say i see nothing wrong with a
future for the both of us. today me and two of my best
friends drove to binghamton and drove around on a go cart
race way. that place was nuts. you had to be 16 to drive
them, they went fast, probly 30-40 mph. around every corner
you skid. i was very good. lapped bishop, almost passed
luke before the race was over. smooth driver i am. lukes gf
is growing on me. she isnt the whiny girl i had her pegged
as. not the the degree i did anyway. all girls are whiny.
bitches. i had to say that. its the hatred that flows
within me. i like this medium. i like to just start typing
and go nuts. see what i end up with. anyway, im done. keep
it real

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