Hannah Rose Cherry

Hannah's Screwed life(go figure)
2003-07-09 22:51:56 (UTC)

Becca i'm sorry

i told becca(if ur reading this becca...) about scott and I
and shit and i think maybe she was mad even tho she told me
she was'nt. I really really like scott tho so becca, even
if it does make you upset or anything i dont think i can do
anything about it now and i'm so sorry. you are my best
friend and i had to tell you becuase i have to tell you
evorything, i dont think theres anything about me i ever
hide from you, and i couldetn bare to hide this. I'm just
writing cuz i dunno i need to vent. tomorrw there
unclogging my dads arterie which to me is sick. i dont even
want my dad comeing home if he's just going to have another
heart attack. i had to visit him today and i just couldent
even talk to him, i mean i did but i felt terrible. i hate
looking at him like that. i'm going

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