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Hannah's Screwed life(go figure)
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2003-07-09 22:29:20 (UTC)

i wrote this yesterday actually

At 3 o clock in the moirning today my father woke me up
saying he was going to the hospital and lee was picking me
up. He left in the ambulance and lee took me to his house
until later in the morning. I got home and scott came over
and stayed the whole day, drove me to swim practice and
back too. He’s such a great guy…we had sex in my bad this
time and he had a condom so it was all good, lol. I forgot
about my dads 3rd heart attack until everyone started
calling me asking if I was ok, why wouldent I be ok? It’s
my dfaads fault he had a fucking heart attack, I don’t have
anything to do with it, it’s his problem. Yea I mena I’m
worried…just cuz like…I might miss my dad a little if he
was’nt around and all. So my mom was in LA while my dad was
in the hospital, my mom is still in LA because her plane is
like delayed or something. I really had a good time with
scott, we hug out, watched tv, talked, everything…he really
made me feel better. Sometimes people just need to be held,
to be able to feel safe and secure with someone, that’s how
I am with scott. Maybe now I’ll be able to break through my
writers block now. I haven’t been writing poems since
school ended and it’s terrible. Going to go now….

Current music: Murderdolls-“dressed to depress”

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