Eyes of a fallen angel

Just another Disturbance
2003-07-09 20:48:26 (UTC)

Id rather be anywhere but here...

you took me away from life
now im trying to refigure out what life means
how you did me wrong
the one time you screwed up
the one thinhg i counted on you for
i can no longer count on you for
id rather be anywhere but here
but what can i do about that?
why can i not do anything
why were you so self centered
wrapped up in your own life
didnt think about what it would do to me
while you were in your selfish ways
you messed me up emotionally
id give up your selfishness to go "home"
why cant you come to your senses
and realize that your the only one that wanted or wants to
be here
you pulled your own husband,
a man i dont know
from the only think that elightened his life,his kids
we would all be happy if we just moved back where we belong.