Jen's Little Thoughts
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2003-07-09 11:10:38 (UTC)

July 9, 2003

Yesterday was my dad's birthday! Happy B-day
Dad, even though I had to work and I missed
it. Last night Travis came over for a little
bit then I took him home and once we got there
he realized that he forgot his keys GRRR so we
drove back to St. Clair to find his keys.....
WA LA, there they were right on the desk where
he had left them. By this time it was almost 2AM
so we decided to just sleep at my house and I
would take him home in the at 5:30am
this morning I was on my way to Port Huron to take
him I am awake again and it is 7:00am...
I am just about ready to go to work....8-2 today
then 5-9 tonite. Well I am gonna get going so I
can finish getting ready....Until next time...

Patience and fortitude conquer all things.
-Ralph Waldo Emerson