lindsay ann

somewhere in between
2003-07-09 10:21:19 (UTC)

soy una perdedora

dude, i's 3:30 am and i'm not asleep...this is sickening...i
don't know why...could be my near-death freak-out, my psycho
body telling me to stop the travel madness, or my total and
absolute nervousness about tomorrow night...i have no clue...but i
cannot sleep a wink...and once you've been up this late, you start
to get hungry. rrrrrrar. and you realize nothing good is on tv...i
wonder who buys things off channel 71 at this unhappy hour?

i think the car thing upsets me for two reasons: megan was there
and it freaked her out...and then there's the fact that i just keep
screwing up. i am officially just a loser...i have the beck song in my
head, dude. i just hate messing up and being absent-minded or
irresponsible...and my bro was making fun of me in hawaii for
always losing everything...but man...he's right. i can't keep track of
stuff and it stinks and i'm a mess and argh! and obviously i am in
desperate need of some sleepin'...but i hate letting people
down...and almost killing one of my best friends kind of proves i'm
not that reliable. get me to bed now before i go crazy..