a poetic Heartº
2003-07-09 04:33:52 (UTC)

How Could You

How could you look me in my eye
And run your fingers through my hair
How could you sit and hold my hand
And tell me that you care

How could you cry
When you’re the one sneaking around
How could you lie to me
And think the truth wouldn’t be found

How could you touch her
In the ways that you touch me
How could you not tell me when I asked
Did you not think that I couldn’t see

How could you deny the truth
And let me find out this way
How could you say it was a mistake
When you’ve not let me live it down to this day

How could you do this to me
The same time you promised me a change
How could you tell me those things
And then let your words be rearranged

How could this happen
Was I not good enough for you
How could you not stop it
When you knew our love was true

How can you look me in my eye
And tell me I’m the only one?
How can you still say forever?
Now that I know what you done….?