Worcs Of A Dangerus Mind
2003-07-09 04:07:36 (UTC)


its cikerd!
hot damn has a long happened since my last time writing,
im to lazy to delete them all, so ur jsut gonna have to
deal with it.
Not to much has happened in the girl situation,
amazingly, i am still with the same God blessing of an
angel i was with 4 months ago, shit its almost 5 now. wow
5 months.......(holds for applause)
i once wrote about the meaning of true love, or at least
my idea of what it really was. That was after only one
month with a girl...dont get me wrong i really did love
her...but just think of that feeling that i wrote, and
multiply it..by more than is possible. To save you the
trip of having to click all the way back to that
entry...here it is..:
it has been awhile since i wrote i no. i haven't been
home to to much. i spent the last couple days w/ lindsey.
and over that time, i found out what tru love is. the
feelings that i feel for her, thats tru love. u no when u
can look into someone's eyes, and see ur whole world in
them. thats tru love. when ur heart literatly explodes to
see them leave u, if even for only seconds; thats tru love.
i fell this and so much more for her. now all of u reading
this i no r saying, "he's 15, he can't no tru love". maybe
ur right, but if this isn't tru love, then it is so much
love...a 4 letter word, that to me, is my life. has
anyone else noticed how two 4 letter words, can kill us and
bring new life to us. to some, being told "i love u" can
rip them apart. but that word is so overwelmingly waisted.
people us it not nowing the TRUE impact of it. by u
saying "i love u" to someone, that is saying that u truely
do want to spend every second of ur life w/ them. that is
why i can say and mean it, lindsey i truely love u.
look up love in the dictionary. LOVE-A deep,
tender, ineffable feeling of affection and solicitude
toward a person, such as that arising from kinship,
recognition of attractive qualities, or a sense of
underlying oneness.
now take that and multiply it by the largest number in
the universe, and u will get true love. the kind that is
not just a funny feeling in ur stomach, but the kind that
makes u not able to breathe. cause true love isn't some
little 7th grade "i love u" at the end of a note to
ur "girlfriend", love is something that u will hate
actually. u will hate it cause if u love someone,truely
love them, for themnot to be w/ u will hurt u more than a
million knifes stabing threw u.
now i hope this made some of you realize what u r
actualy saying when u say i love u. please, if u feel this
for ANYONE, tell them now. cause they might love u to. i
don't know who gave this quote, but it is a damn good
one. "you might only be one person in the world; but to one
person, u might be the world". lindsey...to me u are that
world. i love u

see something i have learned about myself in the time i
have loved, and well to me, i have loved for a long time,
ever since my first relationship with a girl. 7th
grade...8 month relationship with a girl..big deal yea i no
7th grade. but hey, love nor hate does not have age.
think about it, in africa, 4, 5, 6 year old kids, are being
brought up to HATE americans. To the point that in Siera,
6 year old kids, have guns, and arent afraid to us
them...and they very well have. Gulf war, wasnt really a
war. it was american troups fighting against kids, mother,
see if hate is so easyly tought, and accepted, why the
fuck isnt love? y is it that if a 14 year old boy tells
his girlfriend "i love u" on the phone in front of his
friends, they laugh? Hell even in front of his parents,
who supposeively conceved them from love, laugh. y can a
five year old kid cause DISTUCTION with the 3 small words,
8 letters, "i hate you" and hell, the people he told it to
BELIEVE him, that same kid, says this instead.."i love
you" their reply "aww how sweet"..and about their buisness
they go.
one more thing i would like to say...why are we afraid
to say i love you. i no i wrote that in that other one,
but i see this alot with girls..they are afraid to say who
they love, as if they will get prosocuted for it. i am not
afraind to say this.. and i will say it where ever i get
the chance to....i love christine lea sonnier.