humming bird

my F***ed up head
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2003-07-09 02:27:56 (UTC)

so oh god so much has changed,..

so oh god so much has changed, first of all im grounded
right now for having a party while my rents were gone, it
was aawesome tho, but yeah, umm mark called me one night
out of the blue, dont know why but he did, we started
talking and hanging out and he was at my party and neal
wasnt and i ended up cheating on neal with mark but no one
rally knows this except for megan and me and neal broke up
and me and mark are kind of a thing but not really and it
bothers me soooooooo much u have no idea like why the hell
does ur ex call u out of no where after 2 months , and he
cried cuz he ws shrooming nd it was his first time and he
had a bad trip and he was like stuck to me all night, he
wouldnt let me leave him alone for seriously ike 10 seconds
and me and him had some good convos that night i made him
cry cuz he realizd how much he had put me thru and all he
kept saying was that all he does is fuck up my life and he
ws sorry and all this stuff- the dumbass made me shave his
head- but yeah i dunno i got alot of shit going on right
now but im gonna go ok peace out ill write later, i just
wanna know why he called and what he wants from me- i
denied messing around with im and he was like amazed cuz it
was the first timei ever rejected him- that is stuck in my
head and i dont know why- k bye

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