lindsay ann

somewhere in between
2003-07-08 18:26:17 (UTC)

nuevo mexico

alright, so new mexico feels like forever ago...probably because it's
already been almost two weeks since i've seen those adorable
little munchkins. there's not much to say about it...well, there is, but
there's really not, ya know? that's my theory.

but the kids were awesome, the guys there had some really
powerful testimonies, and it was just rad to see the whole mission
and the ways they're spreading the gospel. at one point, i felt like
we were paul, coming to check up on the ministry of other
christians and encourage them...something like was a total
blessing, anyway. and meeting little kids is always neat, even if
they kill their cats and probably have noooo idea what you're trying
to teach them.

and i won't go into the controversy, scandal, fighting, etc...because
it was minor for the most part and i don't remember what it was
even about at this point...we made it through our ten days and
ended up having an awesome time, eh?

plus i got to know some people better...jason...ehh maybe i
shoulda left that one alone...his political views were a little too rigid
for me...and sean...who might be the world's seventh wonder, if we
never figure out what the real one is. sean's hilarious and really
brightened my day...and all the girls got pretty close, too...probably
thanks to the wweeeeeird things we like to do at night. but
everyone was really chill and i had fun and we did stuff with a
purpose so i don't think you can ask for anything better...